Our Locally Grown Seasonal Produce

We specialize in raspberries and other delicious berry fruits along with fresh seasonal vegetables, and sell direct to our customers.

Instead of growing everything on our own, we’ve chosen to become a food hub for other suppliers.

Our catchment spans the greater Otago region.

We are proud to be able to support local suppliers and provide the very best to our customers.


We stock Otago grown seasonal vegetables. Email or call McArthurs about what veges are available in store


Sorry - but no Christmas Orders are taken.
Frozen Raspberries are available year round

Jam, Honey and Homemade Sauces

Delicious Homemade Jams

Nothing can beat the taste of homemade raspberry jam on freshly baked scones straight out of oven, topped with cream, or on hot buttered toast, as a treat at the end of the day.

Raspberry and Rhubarb
Raspberry and Redcurrant


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Frozen Raspberries Available All Year Round

Now you can enjoy the taste of our delicious berries all year round.  Frozen berries are perfect for desserts, smoothies and fruity pancakes and muffins.

Prices Vary


Home made berries ice cream. Choose your favourites. Yummy! Parking no problem at all. 30 minutes drive from Dunedin

- Qmr Den


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